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I am Syed Salman Ali

I am a computer professional with a strong focus on Web Development (LAMP stack), Information Security and System Administration. I am passionate about properly designed, written and secured applications.
If you are looking for an experienced person to create a new application, to fix security holes into an existing application, or to find out and make sure your application is secure or not then we should get in touch!

Web Development

I have worked on everything from small web sites to large, enterprise applications. eCommerce, CMS and more are in the bag! PHP/MySQL, CodeIgniter, Laravel, HTML/CSS, Javascript? Yup!

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Penetration Testing

How do you know your web application is secure or not? Only deep-level analysis expose the real threats. Know your web site weaknesses and strengthen your defenses with my penetration testing and code review services.

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Cyber Incident Response

I provide support to incidents ranging from simple home computer crash to enterprise system breach. If you are currently experiencing a computer emergency or worrying about your important data, then just contact.

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I'm a computer guy with a strong focus on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), InfoSec and Sys. Admin. I'm passionate about properly designed, written and secured applications. Read More

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